Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preparing for 2014

Thank you to all our members worldwide who worked with us in 2013 to make a difference! We have had a very successful year with the EHS Garden turning about amazing (see project photos here).

As our project season comes to a close with winter approaching, the Edison Youth Environmental Society is preparing quickly for 2014. With one project after the other planned for the Spring, and a marketing committee targeting hundreds of volunteers in each E.Y.E.S. location, we are really ramping up for the upcoming year.

E.Y.E.S. is also updating its website and launching two new programs (in addition to Five Minutes launched in the Spring). One of the programs, E.Y.E.S. education, is an interactive website where both students and adults can learn about all the significant environmental issues, whether they choose to use it for instruction or as a reference. The website's goal is to help people concerned about the environment become an knowledgeable and experienced activist before they even get their hands dirty.

The second program, E.Y.E.S. Films, focuses around creating professional documentaries to spread awareness about the truth of major environmental issues our planet faces and educate young students about our environment through short videos with the help of E.Y.E.S. education.

We know 2014 will be successful, but you can help make it more successful by donating to our group to fund our many efforts. Remember, your contributions are what keep our group alive!

Have a great Holiday Season and remember: 2014 free membership starts February!

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