Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for YOU!

Since our group was founded in 2009, the Edison Youth Environmental Society has been run by dedicated, young volunteers who fought for what they cared about. All our worldwide projects and programs have been possible because of the thousands of members that work to show others that we can make a difference.

With the severity of the issues we face today, the E.Y.E.S. Team could not be more thankful to have you helping us out. Your support means a lot. Over the past year, E.Y.E.S. has grown from a small community group to an international organization with new branches in Virginia, Armenia and India. As our planet's environmental problems continue to grow, we need your support to keep this vital fight alive.

Thank you for your help and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PS- There are many who are not fortunate enough to have food this Thanksgiving. The EHS Garden is trying to change that. Please donate to E.Y.E.S. so we can expand our community service projects!

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