Sunday, March 30, 2014

E.Y.E.S. is changing its name!

The Board of Directors announced on Wednesday, March 19th, that the Edison Youth Environmental Society will be changing its name to the Earth Youth Environmental Society to reflect the work of its members internationally. This has been a decision troubling the Board for over a year now, since a name change would mean a lot of changes, especially for such an established group. The E.Y.E.S. domain name will also shift from to Already a team has been set up to convert the group’s entire online network of websites to match the new name.

In addition, the group has been calling for an all-around improvement of its websites and online programs. This summer, the group will be building a program so members can log in and collaborate with other members internationally. A new completely automated Five Minutes Program will also be launched at the end of summer, and will now be called E.Y.E.S. Action.

With all these changes, you may have problems with finding the pages you are looking for.  Some links may not be updated and direct you to the wrong location. If one URL does not work, try typing in the other domain to find what you are looking for. If you have continued difficulty, you can email the E.Y.E.S. Team for the next few weeks at

Please support E.Y.E.S. and its efforts by visiting or ...... whichever works.

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  1. The E.Y.E.S. name and domain name has now changed. All URLs (other than that of the blog) have been changed to and all old URLs now redirect to the new one. If you have any questions, please email us at